Your career should be riveting.

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What we do

Providers and Payers are the backbone of how the business of healthcare functions. Their relationship is unfortunately inefficient (to the tune of $300 billion wasted annually), frustrating, and downright adversarial. We enable change.

Why work at Rivet

Our People

We are on a mission to achieve the astounding, which means both executing and enjoying the journey. Exceptional people make exceptional companies.

True Ownership

We need each member of the team to own and take pride in their creations and responsibilities. We imagine you wouldn’t want it any other way.

Career Development

We all share a passion to be amazing at our respective crafts, and will always invest heavily to ensure you both contribute and grow enormously.

Awesome Benefits

We believe you get what you pay for, so we compensate accordingly. Hint: we hope to work with extraordinary talent, character, and experience.

Diversity & Inclusion

We know the creativity, brilliance, and zeal for life that we want to work alongside come from many different walks of life. We believe that unity in mission and diversity in thought drive innovation, independent thinking, creativity, and many other benefits. We are committed to hiring accordingly, now and forever.