From fee schedules to phone calls, the definitive guide to succeeding with payers.

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What New Medicare Cards Mean for Your Practice

With new insurance cards being sent directly to Medicare beneficiaries, you need to collect accurate and complete information from patients or risk seeing an increase in insurance denials. Learn three ways your practice can ensure the accuracy of patient records.

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Are Administrative Costs Killing Your Profitability?

Just how much does administration cost your practice? The average cost for one physician to interact with insurance payers is $128,502 annually. And that doesn’t include the 53.1 hours your clerical staff spends on revenue cycle interactions every week—per physician.

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Will Your CMS Reimbursements Increase in 2018?

In 2018, healthcare practices in 52 localities throughout the U.S. will start seeing more in reimbursements from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Make sure your practice has a system in place for tracking and modeling reimbursements.

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Know How Payer Mix Affects Your Revenue

If you don’t understand your payer mix, you won’t know what percentage of your revenue comes from private insurance, government insurance, and self-payers—and you won’t have the data you need for accurate cash forecasting.

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